Sunday 8 June 2014

Humility Makes the Man

 A Short Story About Abe Lincoln

This incident happened in USA around 1861 & changed USA forever making it "THE USA" -

Abraham Lincoln who was the son of a shoemaker and had became the President of America. Naturally all the aristocrats were tremendously disturbed, annoyed & irritated.

On the first day, when he was going to give his inaugural address to the Senate, just as he was going to stand up, one aristocrat stood up and he said "Mr. Lincoln although by some accident you have become the president of country, don't forget that you used to come with your father to my house to prepare shoes for our family. And there are many senators who are wearing the shoes made by your father"

He thought he could humiliate old Abe and put him in his proper place.

Abraham Lincoln said something which should be remembered by everyone.

He said "I am very grateful to you for reminding me of my father just before I give my address to the Senate. My father was a hard worker and a creative artist-there was no other man who could make such beautiful shoes. I know perfectly well that whatever I do, I will never be such a great president as he was a great creator. I can not surpass him.

By the way, I want to remind all you aristocrats that if the shoes made by my father are pinching you, I have also learned the art with him. I am not great shoemaker, but at least I can correct your shoes. You just inform me, I will come to your house".

There was a great silence in the Senate, senator understood that it was impossible to humiliate this person. Only small people, suffering from inferiority, can be humiliated; the greatest of human beings are beyond humiliation.

Similar rising/awakening is taking place in India where son of a tea seller is taking reins of India from one family who robbed & brought the country to this shameful state.

Lets join hands with this son of tea seller to make "THE INDIA", the Next Super Power within 60 months only.

This is a copy and not my English!