Thursday 19 November 2015


The headline below is 100% factual. You'll see why in a few moments:
“Here's The Simplest Possible Way to Generate $100,000+ As An Affiliate Marketer...”
                                                                                             Chris Rempel
I've often been asked what the "number one" strategy is for generating a full-time income without ANY guesswork or risk...
My gut response is usually something like "Well, affiliate marketing is easy once you get the hang of it, but there's definitely a learning curve".
And while this is true - I actually have been keeping my mouth shut about a certain strategy that basically defies traditional logic.
In fact - the strategy I'm about to reveal to you is so incredibly powerful by its own design - and the simplicity of how it works - that the only way you wouldn't see substantial commissions from doing this is if you simply DIDN"T do it.
I call it the Conduit Method.
With this strategy, I'm able to produce one site after the next that generates remarkably high revenues for very little overall traffic. In cases where I've "compared notes" with other competing affiliates in the niche, I can always tell when I've struck a nerve.
In some cases with this strategy, the sites that generate what most would consider a full-time income get just 70 visitors a day or less
Other affiliates are driving way more traffic than I am - but they only earn a fraction of what I make with my "Conduit" sites. It baffles them.
I also have an edge when it comes to creating content and converting visitors to sales. With this strategy, I can create literally hundreds of pages with unique content with zero 'thinking' or research involved - and this includes very technical niches where I don't know a damn thing about the products, the "lingo" or the subject matter in general.
For example, I have a "conduit" site that's just over 2 months old (still a PR 0) and it's already earned $5,061.84 in commissions - all from free, easy traffic. (4,151 visitors to be exact, at the time of writing this.)
What Am I Doing?
The Conduit Method is the only form of affiliate marketing where the affiliate is actually leveraging the efforts of the merchant(s) that they promote - as well as that merchant's other affiliates, their ad spend, and their overall promotional effort.
Normally it's the merchant who leverages the affiliate's efforts. But not with this...
I've occasionally alluded to small parts of this method in places like my blog, in "Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate" and in some newsletters. But I've never revealed the actual, behind-the-scenes strategy that makes this work so well.
Now, before I go further - many people reading this probably think they know what the "conduit strategy" is already. (Reviewing existing products and targeting product-centric keywords in the search engines).
If that's what you're thinking - you only have a small piece of the puzzle.
Because it's the "other half" of this strategy that makes it so effective...
» Such as my formula for creating unlimited amounts of compelling, unique content with literally zero effort - even if I know nothing about the subject matter...
» Or how I ethically "swipe" _________ and put add them to my site - which is HOW I get incredible conversions without "selling" anything...
And I have never shared this information before. Anywhere. Ever.
Until today:
The Conduit Method = The Easiest, Simplest & Most Effective Affiliate Strategy That Exists, Period
Here's Why:
You're riding the merchant's tailcoat and getting the most valuable traffic in the market - freely and easily...
• Conversions are remarkably high because you're only targeting visitors who are literally on the verge of buying something
• You can easily create hundreds of pages of unique content with ZERO "thinking", effort or research. You're simply assembling facts in a certain way and duplicating the formula over and over...
• You can instantly & automatically become seen as an authority in the niche - even if you literally know nothing about the subject matter. The conduit strategy literally (and ethically) "swipes" other people's insights and uses them for your advantage.
Note: Absolutely nobody in "internet marketing" has a clue about this "swipe" strategy, and it works like crazy...
• It takes very little traffic to see incredible results. Some of my sites that earn a full time income get less than 70 visitors a day!
Most "product review" sites have to try and "sell" the visitor. With the conduit method, you don't do ANY selling - at all. The simplicity and effectiveness of how this really works will make your head spin...
• Traffic is not only valuable - it's also very easy to get with your conduit sites. Most of my sites start getting a steady stream of Google traffic in less than 2 weeks. (One even made about $700 inside of the initial "2 week" period!)
• The Conduit Strategy is completely brainless and scalable. If you can create the simplest of websites - you can do this. You can literally go into any niche, whip up a "conduit site" and within weeks start seeing commissions hitting your inbox like clockwork.
• Your very best bet for generating your first $100,000+ as an affiliate. This strategy is, without a doubt, the easiest and most reliable way to generate a full-time income from very little overall traffic (and in comparison to "normal" affiliate marketing or PPC)
And combined with opt in list-building (optional, but recommended where applicable), the conduit method is truly the ONLY affiliate strategy I'd recommend spending time on...
And there's more - but the point is that this the only strategy I know of that is methodical, easy - AND - substantially profitable.
Usually "methodical" stuff (like BUM marketing) is largely a waste of time. The Conduit Strategy is a bona fide, legitimate short-cut that stacks all the cards in your favor...
...with the least amount of effort or time vested.
Be honest with yourself and accurately answer this question:
Are Your Efforts Really Paying Off?
For most people, the answer is "no".
A few people are making full-time incomes (and beyond) from affiliate marketing, but the vast majority are not. Most affiliates, actually, earn less than their monthly utility bills from their efforts.
Sometimes this is because they aren't trying hard enough, but not always. In fact, the most common theme I've come to see with my own customers and other would-be full time marketers is that they're simply doing the WRONG STUFF.
They're not focusing on things that have inevitable payoffs by their own design.
Instead, they "get traffic" and somehow try to monetize it. And maybe they do monetize it, to some extent, but the actual revenues hardly justify the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into creating so much content, building links, testing PPC ads, etc.
(Meanwhile it's the merchants who are laughing up their sleeves, being as the compounded effort of an army of "medicore" affiliates is making them rich - not you)
It's time to turn the tables and start leveraging them, for a change.
It's time to start doing things that WORK.
Success Isn't About "Working Hard". It's About Doing Stuff That Works...
Regardless of what you want to believe - that's the truth.
Following your passion and "giving it your best shot" are wonderful sentiments.
The reality is that those approaches will ONLY succeed when they're based on something that the marketplace is already doing. The same applies to setting goals, being diligent, working hard, etc.
Those are good values to have - but the key to getting rich is simply tapping into existing revenue streams and taking advantage of the inevitable.
And that, in a nutshell, IS the Conduit Strategy.
You simply become the "conduit" (or gateway) for the inevitable - which in this case is sales. And commissions.
This isn't as complicated or "hard" as you might think. But there's a right way and a wrong way to do this...
I'm Giving You A Real-Life Treasure Map
When you get a copy of The Conduit Method Blueprint, you are literally getting a "treasure map".
The blueprint itself is by no means a novel or a literary achievement. It's 11 pages long and I spent about 30 seconds editing grammar, spelling, etc.
BUT - the process it describes is one that I've perfected over months of practice and measuring results. Not only is this the easiest way to make real money as an affiliate - this is quite possibly the most "risk-free" activity online that generates such a substantial return.
And - it's not "dummy marketing" like using articles, Squidoo or other sites (that you don't own) to try and scratch by until your article falls off the search results.
Your conduit sites will keep on getting traffic for years.
My average conduit site generates anywhere from 1 to 4 sales per day (and some of the commissions are in the $70+ range in certain markets). So let's round it out and say that I'm getting about 2 sales (daily) per site - and that's with sites that have very little overall content, an average of 20 pages per site.
At this rate (2 sales/day) at even a very conservative $20 per commission for the sake of "lowballing" this estimate - then even if you were to create only THREE simple "conduit sites", which usually take about a day to build and another few days to promote (if you're not outsourcing)...
You'd already be making $3600 (avg) per month in this scenario from very little actual effort or time
And that's for products that only pay out $20 per sale. The Conduit Method works for practically any kind of product, service or other vendor that offers a lucrative commission.
What if you used the conduit method to promote residual programs that generate monthly recurring commissions?
What if you promoted expensive software products that pay out $100 or well beyond that per sale?
And so on...
The options are endless - and so is the potential.
And now for the best part...
Would You Rather Have a Burrito - Or a Reliable, Ever-Growing Full-Time Income From Affiliate Marketing?
I could charge way more, but I sort of enjoy impressing the hell out of people when they buy something that's "cheap".
That's why the comprehensive Conduit Method Blueprint is only:
I'd be willing to bet that your couch probably has close to that amount in change among its various crevices and cushions...
To reiterate - this my most powerful strategy by far. Not only can I use this formula to create an unlimited amount of 100% unique content - in any niche - but I can also make my sites convert browsers into buyers with ridiculous consistency.
So stop swimming upstream for peanuts. Especially since the "big money" is literally just waiting for people like you to simply intercept it.
Become a conduit for already-existing, inevitable sales in your market - and make the easiest money you've ever made...
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P.S. Oh, yeah - the proof...
How could I forget.
The site I mentioned at the top of this page (the one that's earned $5,061.84 from just 4,151 visitors) actually generated just over $700 of that amount in it's first 14 days alone, and the sales haven't stopped since - obviously. They've actually climbed in terms of traffic & conversion.
Here's a screenshot of the site's performance after it had been live for only 2 weeks time. The stats from the conduit site have been high-lighted: