Thursday 8 September 2016



Modi's Outstanding Gambit

The road connecting China's Gwadar Port passes through Baluchistan. The issue here is that Pakistan, with the help of the Chinese Army, is killing Baluchistan's citizens. China is also spending billions of dollars for Pakistan.  China has just realised it has committed a big blunder by blocking India's entry to NSG.

China is fighting for its rights in the South China Sea, something abstruse and laughable. NaMo maintained a meaningful silence in the last two years and gained the confidence of many countries around the World. Now, while supporting the Baluchistan Freedom movement, NaMo also claimed that Pakistan is illegally occupying PoK which is an integral part of India (they could have vacated it in 1971 when India peacefully returned the area captured by Indian Army in 1971 war).

After taking over as PM, NaMo, in the last two years has been continuously striving to make India a Member of the NSG but China has deliberately blocked the proposal
every time.

Moreover, China is supporting Pakistan
to weaken India and constructing many projects in Baluchistan for its own benefit.

In the international court, China has lost its rights in the South China sea matter and is badly in need of India's help in this matter.

China sent its External Affairs Minister to Delhi to seek India's help in the above issue,with a message that India's
entry in NSG is not a closed chapter yet.

NaMo took advantage of the situation and set his own conditions:

1) China has to unconditionally support India's entry into NSG.
2) PoK is integral part of India & Pakistan has to vacate immediately.
3) China has to standby India's decision to liberate Balochistan from Pakistan.

In effect, China has come with a plea for seeking support on China's right on Gwadar Port and assuring help re India's entry into NSG as a quid pro quo.
NaMo said forget NSG, support us in the PoK issue. The entire world is greatly appreciating how NaMo moved the dice. Possibly, this means that NaMo has sarcastically said to China, "forget Gwadar Port." China is sandwiched. The situation NaMo created in just 2 years which was impossible by the successive Governments that ruled this country for 60 years...!!!!

Modi.... This is Modi Style...they say!

Article posted by Arvind Sharma and edited by me.