Sunday 11 January 2015


How to Create a Rapidly Growing Source of Income-1
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After the invention of the wheel and the harnessing of nuclear power, the single most significant event that has affected our way of life today is the Internet. Every single human has total access to it in the free world. It is one vast storehouse and also the channel of data, so much data that today’s terminology calls it the Internet Cloud, a deft simile, permitting what is called cloud computing; in other words, massive amounts of computing in zettabytes (ZB)(1021 bytes )and yottabytes (YB) (1024 bytes) across banks of high speed high capacity servers. The Internet (net) allows any individual who has a workable idea and the basic tools to work the net the facility to monetize his concept, no longer confined to the bricks and mortar markets of yore-the entire world is his market. If he is successful, then he stands to earn a pocketful of gold. He can work from home, with no staff to speak of, at times best suited to him and for as long as he desires. 
Let’s first dispel a myth here. If you think you can get rich overnight, you are living a chimera. It is simply not possible for, say one percent of over 2.45 billion users of the net (that’s twenty-four and a half million people) to all become rags to riches stories. There might be an odd case or two, but those are exceptions. It takes a patient and persistent shoulder to the grinding stone to earn the kind of money where you can live an enriched and carefree life, Yes, it can certainly assist you in earning more, thereby improving your standard of living-a better house, better cars, modern gadgets, etc. Interestingly, the fact is that you are not making money off the net. The net has become the de facto term, whereas you are actually using only part of it. 
The agency was the first to document its analyses of the Internet, which is posted at They say that the "Internet is commonly considered to be a worldwide collection of computer networks, interacting with each other to exchange data using a common software standard." What is most interesting is the fact that the Internet does not have a central authority—there is no "Internet, Inc." that controls the Internet. Local government agencies create policies and standards applicable to their countries, but the Internet is not answerable to any single organization.
Of all the worthwhile features of the Internet, none has captured the public's eye and contributed to the Net's growth so much as the World Wide Web (www). A method of posting and accessing interactive multimedia information, the ‘Web’ is a true ‘information chunnel’, allowing users the world over to access a plethora of information quickly and easily. Very few people know that the first browser that brought multimedia to the Web was the Mosaic, designed in 1992 by programmers from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois.
Today, several Web browsers are available: Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, to name a few. All use Hypertext for inter-communication, ie, use Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML), as upgraded from time to time, to link one webpage or site to another webpage or site. Apart from hypertext and multimedia as two outstanding features of the World Wide Web, the other distinct advantages are (
¤        Open standards that allow Web pages to be viewed through most any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser.
¤        The ability to make software and data files available for downloading.
¤        Ease of use; just point and click on your browser to access the information you need.
Digressing a bit, household income plays a crucial part in the lifestyle of the average family globally. Closer home, if the average American with an average annual income of roughly $40,000 is used as a reference group, the upper middle class person with a personal income in the range of $75-80,000 may be termed affluent. Sociologist Leonard Beeghley identifies all those with a net worth of $1 million or more as ‘rich’.
Elizabeth Warren, writing for Harvard Magazine reveals that the typical middle-class household in the United States is no longer a one-earner family, reducing parental control over their children, a detrimental side effect. Instead, the majority of families with small children now have both parents rising early to commute to jobs so they can both draw paychecks. “The only real increase in wages for a family has come from the second paycheck earned by a working mother," she says. During the recession, a large number of people realized that there was money to be made from home. Even as the current recession in the Western world and USA seems to be withdrawing, that factor remains unchanged. Work from home! For whom and get paid from which source, you ask? From the Internet, now that the job market worldwide has become accessible to one and all. But this market was always there, you counter. People were living off the net a decade ago. So what’s the difference? The difference is that the world is becoming more and more digital and that the definition of ‘Internet savvy’ has risen well above what it was a decade ago. Moreover, Internet approach and application machines have become far faster, much more user-friendly and are truly multi-task capable. 
For the individual or organization wishing to distribute information, the Web makes "publishing" easy and cost-effective. Putting information on the Web is quite inexpensive compared with traditional publishing, yet puts that information before a potential audience of millions. And unlike a printed publication, a Web document can be revised and updated at any time (ibid). A number of newspapers and magazines have closed down, while others have online versions as well as the good old paper tabloid. Schools are experimenting with the replacement of that text-book by iPads, eBooks are read off palmtops or tablets like Kindle, etc. The pot of gold is taking concrete shape!
That said, no one has ever logged onto the Internet for the first time and started pocketing dollars in a really short period of time. As with all things in life, there is a learning curve, according to Evans Stone, the ‘Home Biz Guy’. In takes an average gestation period of three years of work to build a home-based income. Once you break through, you could earn over $100,000 in just twelve months off the net, and since money begets money, you should now be established on the path to riches. You can come back to the one-income working household, to the benefit of those who will shape your tomorrow-your children.